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Social Media

  • The Bob & Angus Show - Tweets, Blogs, and other humorous writing for the three main characters of the show.




Technical Writing


Print Campaigns



  • Ashdod Medical Center (Introduction, Article, Timetable)
  • IndiAM (sample) - edited and wrote articles for IndiAM. Articles are listed in the next section. Other newsletter items include:
    • The Telltale Signs of Success in Nurse Recruiting
    • What's New GS3
    • Nursing Held in High Regard
    • The GS3-Brookwood Story
    • Conquering the Cultural Divide


  • "Marketing For Freelancers"  (Looking For CLues)
  • "What Every Writer Needs To Know About Titles"  (Writing-World)
  • "Practical Solutions to a Growing Problem"(pub. IndiAm)
  • "The Strength of Grassroots Organizations in Improving Workplace Safety" (pub. IndiAm)
  • "Nursing Salaries on the Rise in the U.S." (pub. IndiAm)
  • "NCLEX Changes the Passing Standard" (pub. IndiAm)
  • "Many Health Facilities Make Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For List" (pub. IndiAm)
  • "New Technology Helps Nurses and Patients, WHEN Integrated Properly"(pub. IndiAm)
  • "The Relationship Between Low Nursing Levels and High Mortality Rates" (pub. IndiAm)


Press Releases


Slogans & Special Signs

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