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Web Content Writing
Your site may function and look beautiful, but it may suffer from poor writing or ineffective layout.

Writing content for the web requires focus on both good writing and effective layout. Both play important roles in keeping viewers on your website, not to mention quickly and easily conveying your message.

Good Writing

All writing, including writing for the web, should:
  • use good grammar
  • use correct spelling
  • use appropriate word choice
  • be tight
  • convey a message which targets the right audience.

Effective Layout

Effective Layout takes into consideration:
  1. how a user reads text (via scannable text)
  2. how a user finds information (via logical groupings)

1)  Scannable Text
Readers typically scan a page before deciding whether to stay or move on to another web site. Therefore, the writing should be structured around readers' tendency to scan. Scannable text includes:

  • information packed headings and subheadings
  • bulleted lists
  • less verbiage
  • highlighting keywords through formatting (bold, italics, color, size)
  • shorter paragraphs

2)  Logical Groupings

While you may have 20 facts to convey on a page, your reader will be scanning (see above). So grouping those facts into proper headings is important, especially for the reader's ability to quickly find what he/she is looking for.

There are many ways to logically group items. Groupings can overlap and interconnect by using links. Therefore, while Logical Groupings are crucial throughout a site, they should remain flexible, allowing links to bypass whole sections of a web site without confusing the viewer.

Ultimately, the best way to achieve effective layout is through a combination of scannable text and logical groupings, as shown in the example below.

Combining Scannable Text and Logical Groupings

Suppose you wanted to find out about my magazine credits. You quickly scan the headings in my navigation bar, without even seeing the items listed beneath each. Based on that scan, you'd see the following:

  • About me
  • Publications
  • Web Site Consulting
  • Writers

In this case, the information is grouped logically, which allows you to start with the headings and work your way down. Based on the four choices above, you'd focus on "publications," a logical place to find magazine credits. And you would be right.


If you have any questions about Content Writing for the web, or would like to discuss any of my web consulting services in greater detail, please email me.

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