Web Site Review
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Web Site Review
A web site review is a page by page critique of your site focused on finding errors, problems and cumbersome layout which can be easily remedied to improve the overall function and appeal of your site.

During the site review, the following tasks will be undertaken:


  1. Review each page individually
  2. Review each page as it relates to the entire site
  3. List problems and recommended solutions
  4. Recommend changes to improve design, development and function.

Items Reviewed for each page

  • Navigation
    • consistency
    • ease-of-use
    • position and hierarchy

  • Links
    • use or new or current window
    • use of internal links
    • maximize use of information on the internet

  • Functionality
    • email
    • links
    • forms
    • loads

  • Colors
    • correct use/overuse
    • theme & links
    • in backgrounds

  • Page Development
    • use of "real estate"
    • correct word/white space ratio
    • presentation (headings, lists)

  • Text
    • formatting: styles, color, size
    • linked when appropriate

  • Graphics
    • load time
    • overuse/underuse
    • use of "real estate"
    • correct word/white space ratio
    • supporting the mission/message
    • linked when appropriate

  • Marketing/ Site Message
    • address customer needs/issues
    • excess/missing information
    • two-way communication

Recommendations will take into account:

  • your present skill level
  • software capabilities
  • goals for your site

Time Needed to Complete a Site Review depends on:
  • The Number of Pages
  • Complexity of Layout
  • Number of errors/problems


If you have any questions about a Site Review, or would like to discuss any of my web consulting services in greater detail, please email me.

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