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Writing & Web Site Consulting
Writing: Nonfiction articles for adults; picture books, magazine pieces and activities for children; and customized puzzles for educators and publishers. See my portfolio for additional details.
Web Site Consulting: developing web sites, site reviews and content writing.
Puzzle Consulting & Development
Consulting & Development: See my list of custom puzzle projects which cover puzzle books, DVDs and websites.
I've developed custom puzzles for marketing agencies (e.g. Manifold), publishers (e.g. Publications International), magazines, websites, gaming companies and educators.
Web Site Management
Managed the internet domain name process for all of Mellon Financial Corporation (MFC), which included: tracking, purchasing, approving, recommending and renewing domain names (over 600) for Support Depts. and Lines of Business.

Devised and implemented domain name policies

Managed database for all intranet, internet and test sites (over 150) for MFC

Provided backend support for all intranet development teams including: code debugging, rights administration, content monitoring, and policy setting.

Web Site Developer

Developed static and dynamic web sites using HTML and Cold Fusion

Web site consulting (educated internal users on methods/designs/approaches available to address their needs)

Web content editing & site review (writing copy, editing, content review, quality assurance testing)

Brand Development: protected and unified MFC branding for all MFC internet and intranet sites

Special Awards:

  • Excellence in Service award from Information Technology Services
  • Excellence in Service award from Corporate Affairs
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    Financial Consultant
    Software Engineering - Assistant to the Controller, Head of Training, Intrabank & Troubleshooting

    Responsible for integrity/review of operating plan/mgmt. reporting

    Managed training and assessment of the business line's financial analysts

    Coordinated and developed intrabank process and methodology

    Created and customized complex macros & spreadsheets for use throughout business line

    Troubleshooting any crisis

    Special Projects - Analyzed and researched data for corporate-wide ventures

    Budget Coordinator - Developed plan package. Implemented, used, and trained staff

    Special Awards:

  • Premier Achievement Award (two years)
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    Investment Research Analyst
    Analyzed shifts in industry and effect on stocks. Presented investment recommendations for multi-million dollar portfolio managers. Industries covered:
    • Energy Industry (Oil and Gas, Oil Service)
    • Insurance Industry (Property & Casualty and Life)

    M.B.A. (Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh)
    dual concentration: Finance & Marketing
    B.S. in Business and Economics (Lehigh University)
    major: Accounting
    minor: International Relations
    Computer Skills
  • Excel (Advanced)
  • Access
  • Word
  • Power Point
  • Ganntt Charts
  • Lotus
  • Hyperion
  • HTML
  • Cold Fusion
  • CSS
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