AutoJini - Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a landing page created with the express purpose of collecting email addresses which are to be used in follow-up marketing. This is, essentially, the site's subscriber list.

How the page works

This page is more than a request asking for an email address. This squeeze page entices the prospective customer with information that can only be obtained by providing choosing the email opt-in. (Gifts are often used in place of information to entice viewers to sign up). The viewer has to go through the squeeze page to get to the website, or to a select area of a website.

As inferred above, a squeeze page doesn't have to be the website's the main (index) page. The location depends on your goals. Do you want to convert visitors who land on your home page? Or do you want to use your home page for multiple goals, and only use a squeeze page for a select group of viewers?

Another item to keep in mind when designing a squeeze page is whether or not you have clients who regularly log in to your site. You should provide a login area for current customers so they don't have to go through the email opt-in just to get past the squeeze page. In this sample, we see a Client Login at the bottom right. With a single click, clients are taken to their usual login page. Another option is including the login box itself on the squeeze page, enabling clients to go directly to the secured area of the site.

Squeeze Page: