Writing for the Children's Market


Writing for Children is a unique, fun experience, yet not too different from writing for adults.

The key is remembering who your audience is. What appeals to children? What vocabulary is appropriate? How does one motivate, yet not preach? These are all considerations one must keep in mind when writing for children.

On this page, I've included puzzles along with other writing I've done for children, as puzzles are a form of writing. Words must be carefully weighed when chosen, as must the order of the words. The goal is always to captivate the children, and one can't do that with dull, uninspiring words or concepts. I have a series of math puzzle books, as well as many children's books that I've edited and developed for the ever-popular Brain Games series if you'd like to see some samples!

  Who Did What In Ancient Egypt
       (non-fiction article) - Oct. 2006

Laura Ingalls Wilder
       (hidden-word crossword) - May 2006

Kids Can Change The World
       (hidden-word crossword) - Sept. 2005

AppleSeeds Sept. 2005 cover
(Sept. 2005)
  Ulysses S. Grant
       (hidden-word crossword) - Dec. 2006

Battles of Manassas
       (hidden-word crossword) - Nov. 2005

Cobblestone Nov. 2005 cover
(Nov. 2005)
Highlights For Children  
"Make Letters From Lines" (puzzle) Jan. 2009, page 8
"Homemade Maple Syrup" (rebus) Feb. 2008, page 19
"Puzzling Lines" (puzzle) Jan. 2007, page 10
"Shape Challenge" (puzzle) Sept. 2006, page 19

Highlights Puzzlemania  
"Beehive B's" puzzle TBA

Think and Discover  
"Be A Writer" Article Issue 22, p.9, Nov/Dec 2006
"Word Doctor" Activity date to be announced

A rebus is a story which uses icons or pictures in place of or in conjunction with nouns and/or adjectives. A few children's magazines such as Highlights For Children and Ladybug use rebuses to help young readers learn to read. Highlights incorporates both the picture and the noun in their stories. Rebuses generally run 100 - 200 words.

The key to a good rebus is repeating several nouns throughout the story. Writing a rebus is not as easy as it appears. More so than in other forms of writing, every single word must be necessary, given the maximum word count allowed by the magazines.

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