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Fancy backgrounds and graphics don't compensate for a poorly laid out site which is difficult to navigate and information is hard to find. Unfortunately, poor design results in lost viewers and prospective consumers. Fortunately, however, often a few basic changes can improve a web site a thousand-fold.

Below is an overview of my web consulting services. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Consulting Services

  1. Site Review
    A web site review is a page by page critique of your site focused on finding errors, problems and cumbersome layout which can be easily remedied to improve the overall function and appeal of your site. Read more...
  2. Site Development
    Developing a web site can be a daunting task. Color choices, layout, navigations, types of links, tables, forms; everything has to be pulled together. Read more...
  3. Content Writing
    People read web pages differently than other medium. Accordingly, writing for the web must differ as well, drawing the viewer to the most important information in a short span of time. Read more...



If you have any questions any of my web consulting services, please email me.




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