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Below are a few sample puzzles, based on the more traditional puzzles you are likely familiar with. I've incorporated a few twists here and there, just to demonstrate that even a traditional puzzle can be transformed into something "different" and engaging.

Each puzzle I create is tailored to fit a theme, subject matter or concept as well as age group. Often, a client has a particular type of puzzle in mind, but not always. Talking with my clients gives me the information I need to determine and understand their puzzle needs. Of course one has to take the medium into consideration as well! I've developed puzzles for websites, DVDs, books, magazines, newsletters and even cell phones. Each medium has its own unique requirements. Website and cellular phone puzzles can be interactive, while print (magazines, newsletters, etc) are "flat", preventing interaction between the puzzler and another puzzler or program. There is really no limit to how and where a puzzle can appear, however. Developing the right puzzle for the right situation (and medium) takes an understanding of the client's needs - and a dash of creativity.

Please email me with any questions or requests for samples of my work. I'll be happy to discuss how select puzzles can meet your needs. And if you're not sure how to address your needs, but you believe puzzles may be the way to go, let's talk!

Crossword Puzzles
Traditional numbered boxes with clues provided
Hidden Word

numbered boxes, clues are provided and highlighted boxes form a hidden word

A Clue or Two

boxes are not numbered, clues are provided, and the number of letters for each answer is given


boxes are not numbered, the words are provided and must fit into the puzzle based on the number of letters and letter placement. A hint to get started is provided

Cipher Puzzles
Pigpen Cipher

This 16th century cipher substitutes simple symbols (from a tic-tac-toe board or an "X") for letters

Alphabet Slide

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a number, 1 - 26, but the alphabet has slid! Letter "A" no longer = 1. Use the hint to find the number key and solve the secret message.

Math & Logic
MindStretch Puzzles

Uses words and objects of different sizes, shapes, colors and relative position to express a saying, phrase or name.

Mapping the Past

Questions on a map lead the reader from start to finish. Wrong answers lead to an endless loop.

Writing Related

unscramble the letters to reveal the messages related to writing and reading

Locations of U.S. Presidents

unscramble the letters to reveal the locations U.S. Presidents can be found

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