Retirement Community Solutions - Press Release



AMES, Iowa, April 2006 -- Retirement Community Solutions has been appointed the preferred provider of website services for the Iowa Association of Aging (IAA).  The agreement between IAA and Retirement Community Solutions acknowledges the growing importance of integrating web applications into the daily tasks and routines of retirement communities’ residents and staff alike. 


Retirement Community Solutions designs and develops web solutions, applications that utilize the internet to allow customers, residents and staff to access, update and manage information within the retirement community.  The main goal of these applications for residents is to ensure they retain their privacy and independence while performing tasks such as managing expenses and scheduling personal needs within the retirement community.  For staff, the advantages are two-fold.  In addition to decreasing the number of repetitive tasks staff perform on a daily basis, the applications help improve marketing efforts.  Retirement communities typically experience a savings of time and money as a result of integrating these applications into their operations.


Retirement Community Solutions groups their applications into modules, allowing retirement communities to add more features to their websites as their communities grow or their needs change.  “This flexibility is key,” says Retirement Community Solutions’ Executive Director, Syed Azam.  “For any business to stay viable, it must be able to grow with the times.  Retirement communities today have the advantage of the internet.  They have the opportunity to use today’s web technology to give their residents a level of independence and privacy previously unknown to retirement communities.  It’s a win-win situation.  The communities’ operations become streamlined by freeing staff of certain tasks while residents retain control of a huge portion of their lives, including what are often more personal and sensitive tasks.  The residents of these communities also seek convenience, a wide variety of services and ways to enjoy their retirement years.  Our applications meet those needs, and will continue to do so, even as the residents’ and communities’ needs change over time.” 


The association is already proving to be a fruitful one, as all IAA members automatically receive a 25% discount on Retirement Community Solutions’ services.  As for Retirement Community Solutions, they have the unique opportunity to bond with their core customer group and ensure that their product remains responsive to their customers’ present and future needs.


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