Writing a resume can be a very stressful process. The key is to put yourself in the employers' proverbial shoes. This is usually the hard part of writing a resume, as you must distance yourself just enough to be objective about every detail of your life. While many jobs, skills and experience may be very important to you, they may not be important - or of interest - to the employer. You need to ask yourself, "What is he looking for? What skills, projects, tasks, leadership qualities does he need to see on my resume?"

Once you have identified all the "correct" qualities, you must make your resume jump out at the employer. Most employers give each resume a quick glance that may last only 1-2 seconds.

Will your résumé grab an employer's attention in 1 second?

If your resume is sloppy, poorly organized, or overly crowded, it will be passed over - before the employer ever reads the details. First, grab the employer's attention. Then make every word on the page sell you and your unique set of skills.


Below is a Before and After resume of a client. This particular client went from a year of having no call-backs to having several interviews and a very good job offer within two months.


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