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Brain Bogglers
Mastermind (below) was such a success that National Geographic continued the series with Brain Bogglers. I teamed up with Stephanie Warren Drimmer once again to produce another high quality book for kids! She took care of the science writing and I created the puzzles/teasers/riddles.

Weird But True Wild and Wacky Sticker Doodle Book
I had another fabulous opportunity to contribute to another Weird But Truck Sticker Doodle Book by National Geographic Kids!

Weird But True Sticker Doodle Book
Imagine how thrilled I was to be asked by a second editor at National Geographic Kids to create puzzles for another book. This book, Weird But True Sticker Doodle Book, is very different from Mastermind and is geared towards a younger age group, but is so uniquely interesting and engaging in a way that only National Geographic manages to achieve time and time again!

National Geographic emailed me in the Spring of 2015 to see if I would like to develop puzzles for their latest science book for kids. Of course I said "Yes!" since I love everything National Geographic creates. Indeed, working on Mastermind turned out to be a great experience. I loved working with the author, designers, editors and everyone at National Geographic. Everyone was professional, talented and a pleasure to work with!

Wildly Creative Puzzles With a Point!
I was approached by Group Publishing this past fall when they needed a puzzle developer to create 5 mazes for their upcoming puzzle book. The puzzles all tie-in to bible passages. I had a lot of fun working with their design team and editor!

ROFL! jokes 3-in-1
I admit, this isn't exactly a puzzle book, but humor and puzzles can and often do go hand-in-hand. This book, filled with Knock-Knock jokes, riddles, and tongue twisters, was written for a younger crowd. I hope my readers enjoy ROFL Jokes 3-in-1!

Life-Size Crossword Puzzles in Las Vegas
LinkedIn hosted Talent Connect Vegas 2013 Oct 15 - 17, a huge conference known as "The recruiting event of the year." I developed 3 crossword puzzles centering around their theme of CONNECT, INSPIRE, TRANSFORM. They displayed the crossword puzzles on giant boards at the conference. You have probably never seen crossword puzzles completed on this scale! Great idea by Manifold, the event organizer!

Click on the picture to see the height of the crossword display and to zoom in for some of the clues/solutions. The grey spaces on the crossword puzzles were specific words highlighted for use during the conference. crossword puzzles

I've Crossed The Pond!
I recently developed 10 children's puzzles & games for a lovely group of people at Tesco Magazine in the U.K. The theme was "the great family road trip." The puzzles include mazes, word searches, spot the difference, and connect the dots (or Dot-to-Dot as the folks in the U.K. call these), all of which are centered around various events, foods, and geography in the U.K. My puzzles and games provide a slight tour of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland... though I know many of us would much prefer to tour these beautiful regions in person!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town DS Game!
santa claus is coming to town ds game
I wrote the original stories in this latest DS game for Nintendo based on a classic Christmas movie, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." I hope you all have a chance to read along with your children when they play this fun game! And if you haven't already seen it, take a look at Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer DS Game released last year (I wrote the stories for this one too!)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer DS Game!
brain games kids puzzle book brain games bible puzzle book I wrote the 3 original stories used in this Nintendo DS game that integrates puzzles into the stories to create some fun adventures for children ages 3 through 12.

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Math Puzzle Books
math puzzle book multiplication math puzzle book addition subtraction math puzzle book multiplication and division ></a>

<a href=math puzzle book
In 2011, these four math puzzle books hit the market running from day one! Check out Numbers Search, which combines traditional word search and math in a unique way. Puzzle Box challenges kids to sift through more than one possible answer via multiplication and riddles. Math Moves (both the addition/subtraction and multiplication/division versions) combines trivia and the use of the < > and = concepts.

Brain Games #9 is in Stores
brain games adults puzzle book The latest is the famous Brain Games books is in stores. Book #9 includes some of my best puzzles. Check it out mext time you're in a bookstore. This book can be found in major bookstores as well as Amazon and other online sites.

  Puzzles, Codes, Riddles, Math and More!
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Check out my Math Puzzle books:

All Things Equal:
This series is comprised of 4 math puzzle books which make learning the concept of balancing both sides of an equation fun and challenging. Each book has three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The first two books concentrate on addition/subtraction and multiplication/division. The latest two books use all four operands, but with fractions!

Addition &
(Sample puzzle)
Multipl. &
(Sample puzzle)
Fractions: Add. &
(Sample puzzle)

Fractions: Multipl. &

(Sample puzzle)


Quadrant Quandaries:
My love of riddles and math are combined once again, although this time one must plot a course of action. Yes, plotting... on the X and Y axes! Use math to determine the coordinates, and plot the coordinates to find the answer to the riddle.

Vol 1.
Sample puzzle
Vol 2.
Sample puzzle


Conquering Coordinates with the X Y Coordinate Geoboard:
Due to the success of my Quadrant Quandaries series (above), Nasco asked me to write a companion book for teachers/students that centered around using the coordinate geoboarb (a board with pegs, bands and movable axis that allow students to have a hands-on approach to plotting coordinates. This book focuses on rotation, translation, and reflections of objects while emphasizing continued knowledge of segments, quadrants, and basic math.

Sample puzzle

Special Edition Puzzle Books!
brain games bible puzzle book The editors at Brain Games have created a special edition of the ever-popular Brain Games series. Brain Games Bible Puzzles can be found in major bookstores as well as Amazon and other online sites. Look for my Column Scramble puzzles and Missing Consonant puzzles in this exciting special edition of Brain Games.

Brain Games; Special Kids Series!
brain games kids puzzle book brain games bible puzzle book brain games kids puzzle book
Brain Games has created their ever-popular puzzles, for kids! Check out the Brain Games Kids series.

Brain Games Kids Brain Builder Puzzles can be found in major bookstores as well as Amazon and other online sites. Look for my code puzzles and more in this exciting new series from Brain Games.

The Puzzle Box
This Week's Puzzle:
"Read" the picture puzzle below.
What does it "say"?

  (To solve, click the puzzle)

Puzzle Consulting
Is there really such a thing as puzzle consulting?

Yes! To understand what a puzzle consultant does, read "Puzzle Consulting: Is there Really Such a Need?" And if you want to learn more about my work as a puzzle consultant, contact me.

NEW Math Puzzle Books!
math puzzle book addition subtraction math puzzle book addition subtraction Two new math puzzle books are out! Check out Match Sticks, both the addition/subtraction and multiplication/division books. Practice computation and decoding skills. Each part of the stick figures represents a value. Grades K - 6

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EA Mobile - Puzzle Development for phones
April 2008 - EA Games released Merv Griffin's CrosswordsTM for mobile phones. I had the pleasure of creating the crossword puzzles for EA! As with any custom order, there were parameters to which I had to adhere, and a style I had to emulate to give mobile customers the same fun and exciting experience of the popular TV show "Merv Griffin's Crosswords".
See the review on IGN.com. Their verdict: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Per Gaming Nexus' review of EA Mobile's "Merv Griffin's Crosswords is great fun for all ages and skill levels!"

As a puzzle developer, I find that no two projects are alike. Each has its own challenges... puzzles in their own right! See my list of custom puzzle projects, or feel free to ask me about my job developing puzzles.

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